Museum for immersive art and land art

Developing a new art museum

Developing a new art museum

Did you know that Almere is about to become the fifth largest city in the Netherlands in the coming years, with 350,000 proud inhabitants? Such a big city deserves its own art museum. It makes a city extra attractive, for visitors and residents. That is why a concept for a new art museum in Almere is being developed on behalf of the Municipality of Almere and the Province of Flevoland.

A new museum for a growing province

In the young province of Flevoland, everything can be slightly different, which is why it will not be your average museum. The museum wants to be a place that is inviting, where people can meet one another, experience extraordinary art and spark their creativity, without having to know anything about art.

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Step inside the world of immersive art and land art

Immersive Art means getting totally involved, and that is exactly what will happen. The museum will become a creative meeting place, where everyone is welcome and where people will be challenged to experience and to create art. You will be able to eat, enjoy the view, meet friends, be creative or even do some dancing… All whilst being surrounded by art. You will not only find art in the museum, but also outside in the Flevoland landscape. Flevolands impressive collection of Land Art will be part of the museum. By organizing both live events and (virtual) tours, everyone will be able to enjoy these works of art.

We believe that you need creativity to imagine a different (better) world. And that everyone has that creativity in them. We want to stimulate that creativity.

Denise de Boer, quartermaster
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More than a museum

This museum will not only be a place for exhibitions….Because soon…

…we will be dancing until late into the night surrounded by art.

…the Land Art will enter our building.

…you will submerge yourself with immersive arts.

…you can have a picknick on our roof among Light-Art.

…you will visit an event at one of the Land Art pieces.

…and you might get lost in our art labyrinth that we will create together.