M. is a museum for immersive art and land art. M. aims to welcome as many people as possible; a place to meet each other and spark your creativity, without you needing to know anything about art. 

kleurrijk kunstwerk vol cijfers van Emmanuelle Moureaux met titel 100 colors no.18 "forest of numbers.
Emmannuelle Moureaux, 100 colors no. 18 "Forest of Numbers" Image: Daisuke Shima


Step into the wonderful world of immersive art. Immersive means being surrounded, so that you feel completely involved’ and that is exactly what this type of art does. You are taken on a trip, become part of the work or even collaborate in it. Art is a celebration of the senses and allows you to see the world differently.

Exposure (2010) Antony Gormley, Image: Jordi Huisman


Not only can you experience art inside in the museum, but also outside, in the landscape of Flevoland. This museum has an impressive collection of land art. Through our activities, tours and video experiences, everyone can visit these artworks. Even while staying seated on your sofa.